Going Green
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Going green
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The Ryan Center and Boss Ice Arena are committed to achieving maximum sustainable operations in our facilities. Working with our vendor partner, LIKARR Maintenance Systems, one of the region's largest and fastest-growing companies in the Facility Supply Distribution Industry, the Ryan Center and Boss Ice Arena utilize the latest technologies in equipment, chemical management systems, and best practices to provide a GREENER, cleaner and healthier environment for our staff, clients and patrons.

What does "GREEN" really mean?

All Green Earth products have ALL of the following environmentally sustainable attributes:

  • No 2 - Butoxyethanol
  • No alkaline builders
  • Diluted concentrates have a pH less than or equal to 10.0
  • Ingredients are non-carcinogenic
  • Less than 0.5% of total phosphorus
  • Use-solutions do not contribute to smog formation or poor indoor air quality
  • Non-combustible
  • No heavy metals
  • No alkyl phenol ethoxylated
  • Primary packages are recyclable
  • Low skin, eye, and respiratory irritation potential
  • No ozone-depleting substances

New equipment and supplies continue to be updated to make the facilities more efficient. A new product that was updated recently was BETCO FASTDRAW, an innovative multi-product dispensing system offering the most compact design in the market. The dispensing unit contains four concentrated products to quickly dispense the appropriate product at the proper dilution, reducing chemical waste and maintaining consistent cleaning results. The Fastdraw chemical management system not only cuts costs by using exact dilution control levels and eliminating any room for human error, but it reduces the excessive use of water when manually diluting products. The Fastdraw System reduces the carbon footprint by also decreasing chemicals and plastic in the waste stream. Here's how:

ONE concentrated bottle of Fastdraw product can replace up to 544 ready-to-use quarts! If it takes over 700 years for a single RTU bottle to decompose, and a facility uses 1 RTU bottle a week, that is 36,400 years just to decompose the RTU bottles a facility is using yearly! The Ryan Center and Boss Ice Arena have made the commitment to decreasing their carbon footprint by reducing that number to 1 silk-screened bottle made with 50% less plastic than the average bottle.


Through Spectra's relationship with Waste Management, the Ryan Center and Boss Ice Arena environmental efforts have produced the following annual savings:

  • 141,912 kW-hrs of electricity (enough to power 12 homes for a full year) 
  • 3,120 gallons of oil (enough energy to heat and cool 12 homes for a full year)
  • 744 gallons of gasoline (enough gasoline to drive 20,736 miles)
  • 420 mature trees (enough to produce 5,167,980 sheets of newspaper)
  • 215,976 gallons of water (enough to meet the freshwater needs of 960 people for a year)
  • 132 cubic yards of landfill airspace (enough airspace to meet the disposal needs of a community of 1,968 people

Some notable environmentally conscious products that we currently use include:

  • Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner: All-purpose carpet spot and stain remover that removes stubborn carpet stains without leaving a residue which can cause re-soiling.
  • Green Earth Daily Disinfectant Cleaner: Neutral formula will not dull the finished floor and meets the standard for decontamination of blood-borne pathogens.
  • Light Bulbs: All lights in the arena are LED Energy efficient light fixtures to help reduce energy use.
  • Paper Towels: Vondrhle brown roll paper towels made of one hundred percent recycled paper.
  • Toilet Tissues: ECO LOGO Certified and EPA Certified recycled product that implements the new core-less (waste-less) system that doubles the capacity of tissues from the old system while reducing waste corrugated, wrappers, and cores. The core-less tissue is in a heavy-duty plastic bag that doubles as a trash liner and uses no wrapper and has no cardboard core resulting in a reduction of trash overhauling fees.
  • Soap: GOJO Green Seal Certified TFX foam soap.