Promoter's Guide
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Seating Capacities
  • Full House Concert - 6,300
  • Half House Concert - 4,000
  • Basketball - 8,000
  • Rodeos - 5,600
  • Graduations - 8,400
  • Exhibition/Trade Shows - 16,600 sq. ft (all risers pushed in)

These numbers are rounded and floor plans are available upon request. Suites are not included in manifest.
Full House concert set up is based on 60' x 40' stage. Capacities will fluctuate depending on production. 


Power (Event and Loading Dock Power)

All power is 3 phase and upstage left

Full House (Approximately 55 feet from stage)
Half House (Approximately 100 feet from stage)

  • (1) One 600 AMP Disconnect
  • (3) Three 400 AMP Disconnects
  • (1) One 200 AMP Disconnect

Loading Dock (Approximately 180 feet from stage)

  • (1) One 200 AMP Disconnect
  • (2) Two 100 AMP Disconnects

The Ryan Center has 11 in-house (Clearcom) headset communication systems with twelve (12) stations that include house lights, control room, camera positions and spotlights

Event lights consists of 875-watt Ephesus LED lights. It takes less a few seconds to go from black to light.

The Ryan Center has eight (8) spotlights (2,000 watt). All spotlights are permanently located on the suite level around the perimeter of the arena. Two (2) portable units (575 watt) are also available.

Rigging/Fork Lifts

Distance from arena's floor to ceiling is 74'. Distance from floor to the low steal is 60'. Total rigging capacity for a 60' x 40' end stage configuration is 50,000 lbs and for a center stage configuration is 55,000 lbs. All rigging plans, including the weight of each point and total weight must be submitted to and approved by management prior to load in.

The Ryan Center owns two (2) 5,000 lb forklifts. They are propane fueled, have a lift height of 15' and are equipped with side shift. Fork length is 4' (6' with extensions). Forklifts must be operated by IATSE union staff and must be requested for use in advance.


The Ryan Center has a Stage Right portable stage. It will accommodate a 64' x 48' or 72' x 40' main stage. Sections are reversible 4' x 8' with black tech finish or carpet. The height of the stage can vary from 4' to 6'.

Floor Dimensions

The total surface area of the arena floor with retractable seating pushed in is 16,000 sq. ft or 160' x 100'. The floor load is 250 lbs per square foot. A portable zipper basketball floor 72' x 136' is also available.

Dock Parking

Show load-in is located at the Southwest end of the arena, approximately 180' from the arena's floor. There are two (2) loading docks with levelers and one (1) drive-in door that connects into the Ryan Center's arena floor through an Elephant Riser. There is adequate parking for eight (8) buses or trucks outside the load-in area. Arrangements may be made to park additional vehicles at alternate sites. Shore power is available.